About Us


When you're looking for a custom solution that will enhance your brand, Wendell August Forge can take you from brainstorming phase to final product. We specialize in designing custom programs for your business, including years of service, continuity programs, safety incentives, building dedications, employee engagement programs, sales incentives, health & wellness programs, grand openings and much more.

Our story began 95 years ago. Using only hands and tools, Wendell August Forge began to craft pieces of enduring beauty. Each piece, a celebration of the artistry and history of our craft.

While in our 95 years we struggled to survive a great war, fire and a constantly evolving industry, we've also lived our own American dream. Wendell August Forge is proudly union made, American made, and Pennsylvania made. We are still here today because our dedicated craftsmen, our incredible community, but most of all, our customers.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop shops, creating brand enhancing solutions and products. From Coca-Cola to Warren Buffet, to countless professional sports team, we are honored that they chose Wendell August Forge to handcraft custom pieces of enduring beauty.

As instant gratification and mass production become the norm in our culture, the time-tested traditions of Wendell August Forge exemplifies the best of “Made in America.” Since 1923, we have taken great pride in our craftsmanship and customer service, and that will not change during our next 95 years.



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