Commemorative Wall Plaque with 8" Round Plate

Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Commemorative Wall Plaque with 8" Bronze Plate
11.00" x 14.00"
50:182.81, 100:142.19, 250:127.97, 500:116.33, 1000:103.2
Quantity Price (R)
50:216.24, 100:168.19, 250:151.37, 500:137.61, 1000:122.07
Quantity Price (R)

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Memorialize top achievements with this stunning wall plaque! Measuring 11" x 14", this wooden plaque is adorned with a hand hammered 8" metal plate, which is available in aluminum, bronze or copper. Great for recognizing sales success, contributions, important milestones, anniversaries and more. Each recipient will be proud to show off these awards in their office and your will further cement your positive working relationship in the future! Handcrafted in the USA!

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