Keystone 15" Square Tray

Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Keystone Aluminum Square Recognition Plate
15.00" x 15.00"
50:260.33, 100:185.95, 250:144.63, 500:130.17, 1000:104.97
Quantity Price (R)
50:562.80, 100:402.00, 250:312.67, 500:281.40, 1000:226.94
Quantity Price (R)
50:592.20, 100:423.00, 250:329.00, 500:296.10, 1000:238.79
Quantity Price (R)

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Create an elegant look for your next dinner party or corporate event with this customizable metal tray! Offered in aluminum, bronze and copper, this 15" x 15" square shaped commemorative tray has plenty of space to add a scenic replica, logo or other custom design in amazing detail. Make their memories or accomplishments come to life on this beautifully handcrafted tray! It's a great gift for friends, colleagues and family, or if you want to recognize excellence in your organization!

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