Lincoln Pencil Tray

Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Commemorative Bronze Tray
4.00" x 9.00"
50:72.07, 100:51.48, 250:40.04, 500:36.03, 1000:29.06
Quantity Price (R)
50:107.00, 100:76.43, 250:59.44, 500:53.50, 1000:43.15
Quantity Price (R)
50:112.13, 100:80.10, 250:62.30, 500:56.07, 1000:45.22
Quantity Price (R)

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Conventional design is blended with sophisticated style with this handy multipurpose tray! Constructed of aluminum, bronze or copper, and handcrafted in the USA, this 4" x 9" tray will last a lifetime and outlast every other desktop item on the job. When it's hand hammered with an intricate design or company logo, this piece will make a stunning gift or award. Perfect for items like pencils, keys, coins, watches and other small accessories! Please inquire about our array of cityscape designs that are a perfect fit for conference rooms and important meetings.

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