Medium Hudson Tray

Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Commemorative Metal Tray
9.00" x 14.00"
50:154.73, 100:110.52, 250:85.96, 500:77.37, 1000:62.39
Quantity Price (R)
50:380.40, 100:271.71, 250:211.33, 500:190.20, 1000:153.39
Quantity Price (R)
50:396.73, 100:283.38, 250:220.41, 500:198.37, 1000:159.97
Quantity Price (R)

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Use this stylish and cultured gift to make them feel appreciated and admired! Handcrafted in the USA from aluminum, bronze or copper, this 9" x 14" commemorative metal tray can be used for anything around the house to being just a decorative tray to show off on an end table. Your brand name, logo or advertising message will be put on display when it is hand hammered onto this timeless gift! From our home to yours, let our finely crafted pieces help you celebrate life's special moments!

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